Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dinner Tonight: Scallop Kabobs and Corn

This is one of those really easy dinners that you just throw on the grill with very little fuss or prep.  The perfect dinner for a hot, busy summer night.

Shopping List
1 pound fresh sea scallops
3 tablespoons garlic spice seasoning (whatever brand you have)
Lots of salt and pepper
1 punch of asparagus, chopped into bite sized pieces
4 ears of fresh corn
1 stick of butter
1 cup of basil leaves

Preheat the grill to medium-high heat.

Taking four long metal kabob skewers (if you use wooden skewers, make sure you soak them in water for 10 minutes before using them), place one scallop on followed by two pieces of asparagus.  Repeat.

Season scallops generously with whatever kind of spice blend you like (I like a garlic based one) and lots of salt and pepper.  Set kabobs aside.

In the bowl of a food processor, place your butter and basil leaves.  Pulse until incorporated.  Take each ear of corn and spread your basil butter all over.  Wrap each ear of corn loosely in foil.

Place corn on the grill first.  Grill about 6 minutes with the lid closed and then foll corn over to the opposite side to cook another 6 minutes.  During the last 6 minutes, add kabobs to the grill.  Flip kabobs after 3 minutes.  When kabobs are nice and brown (about 6 minutes total), remove everything from grill.  Unwrap foil and serve corn along side kabobs.

Easy.  Quick.  Healthy.  Summer.

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Kara said...

I love corn roasted on the grill. The Smith family is doing this tonight for dinner.

Tara G. said...

YUM! We can't wait to get stateside and have a grill and corn on the cob and {insert a number of things!} again!

My mom's aunt was known for her pound cakes- your bundt cakes remind me of them. Mom tried a sweet potato one not too long ago and apparently it was pretty tasty!

Home of a Magnolia said...

Love corn on the grill-I use oil instead of butter and add a little Lawry's seasoning with my basil. I will definitely try the scallop kabobs. Thanks for the yummy idea.

Paula said...

Yummmmy looking corn!

Chic Coastal Living said...

This looks totally yummy!

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