My 100 Bundt Cakes

The Bundt Cakes on this blog are my babies.  The Bundt Cakes started it all.  You can click here to read the Original Bundt Cake Recipe.
The concept of the Bundt Cake Recipe is that you can take one recipe, tweak it just a bit and create a multitude of others.  That concept can be intertwined with all of my food.  Find a casserole that's easy to make and yummy too?  Just tweak it a tad and a new creation is born (change out the ground beef for shredded chicken, add Italian flavors instead of Mexican, swap out cheeses...the choices are limitless).  Being in the kitchen should be with recipes...change things up.   What's the worst that could happen?  You hate dinner and have to call out for pizza?  That's ok!  The best thing (and more likely option) is that you and your family will have fun in the kitchen and enjoy more home-cooked meals and quality time together.

Me and the original Rachel New.  A wonderful friend, the great inspiration, a true blessing in my life. XOXO

Here are my 100 Bundt Cakes all mixed and matched from the original recipe.

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