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Hi!  I'm Shay and this is my foodie blog.

I am a super passionate, very talkative, over-achiever who likes to make every day special with my kiddos.  I drink way too much coffee, watch way too much reality TV, love the Boston Red Sox, put my Christmas decorations up the day after Halloween, can't live without Bath and Body Works and aspire one day to marry Michael Buble (don't worry...my hubby is okay with it!).

I'm a foodie blogger who loves making suppertime simple and creating fun recipes for each season.  I'm all about women enjoying their time in the kitchen and not stressing over complicated recipes with lengthy ingredient lists (because come on...who has time for that?!?!).

I struggled with infertility, did a lot of fertility drugs and then bam!  I had two babies without drugs and without trying...thank you Jesus (times two!).

In January 2015, we adopted a beautiful daughter from China who has made our family complete.  We love being a family of five.

I love my girl friends...they mean more to me then they will ever know...and I have this awesome family too.  My parents are hysterical, warm, sarcastic and totally the reason I am who I am today...plus, my little brother is kind of famous...so that's weird and fun at the same time.

In a nutshell, I married a hot football player, had three fabulous kids, a dog named Poppy Popsicle and I make my way through each and every day loving the Lord and trying to count my blessings as I also count the number of Cheerios spilled on my floor.  I am Shay.  We should be friends. 

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