I get a lot of questions...here are the answers to some of my most asked...

1. What bundt pan do you use?
I bought Williams-Sonoma's Nordic Ware Anniversary Bundt Pan over 10 years ago and have literally made hundreds of cakes in it.  AND...I run it through the dishwasher after each use...and it's still gorgeous!  I love, love, love this pan!  It makes perfect bundt cakes!

2. Can you make the bundt cake recipes in different size cake or cupcake pans?
Yes!  You can use the same recipes and bake the cakes in 9x13 inch pans, cupcake pans, 3 round pans (for layered cakes), etc.  Just check the back of the box of your cake mix for variations in cooking times.  The bundt cakes don't have to be bundt cakes.

3. Can you switch out a yellow for a white cake mix?  Or vice versa?
You can do whatever your heart desires.  White and yellow cake mixes taste a little different but they won't affect the outcome of a delicious cake.  It's your kitchen, it's your cake...do it the way you want to! 

 4. What kind of slow cooker do you use?
I use a Williams-Sonoma slow cooker that is 9 years old!  It's not fancy...it just works for me.  I like a slow cooker that is oblong (not round) for longer cuts of meat (like brisket).  Also, make sure you have a low and a high setting.  And always, always use slow cooker liners.  They'll make you so happy :).

5. Do your kids eat everything you cook?
No.  They eat most of it...but not all of it.  My kids aren't big eaters.  Andrew and I are happy if we get one good meal in them a day.  Some nights, they'll eat everything and then some nights, they're just not hungry.  We don't stress out about it.  I have found that the more you stress, the less they'll eat.  This being said, I don't make them something different for dinner.  They have two choices at my house...what I put on their plate or a bowl of cereal.  That's it.  Mama don't run a diner!  Relax and enjoy dinner time...it's not about the food...it's about togetherness.

6. How do you stay so skinny with all of these desserts? (I hate to post it but I get asked this question more then any other!)
I sample everything that goes on my blog.  I would never publish a recipe without making sure it's delicious firsthand.  That being said, I sample things...I don't sit down and eat the entire cake or a dozen whoopie pies.  My philosophy is that life is super short.  You must indulge and live life to the fullest.  I don't diet, I just eat in moderation.  (I also have good genes and workout 3 to 4 times a week).

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